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I’ve always run a million miles an hour in my life, setting goals, reaching them then moving onto the next, never settling to enjoy what I had accomplished. Never taking time to actually stop and get clarity on what it was that I, ME, actually wanted and not what I was conditioned to strive for - house, car, career, family. I was where I thought I was supposed to be and yet, mid-thirties, I was the most unsettled and unfulfilled I had been for my entire life. This made me feel anxious, stressed and frustrated and searching for the reason I was actually here. That is a BIG question that came with a lot of overwhelm, however, I love a challenge so I set off on a journey of self discovery to find the answer.

Enter my first coach. The voice of reason, organising the chaos in my head and guiding me through the most monumental few months of my life. Before this, speaking to a stranger about my crazy thoughts made me feel slightly sick and also, lying on a couch with a box of tissues at my side for an hour a week did not seem like what I needed. I trusted my intuition, and as always, it was right. It wasn’t counselling or therapy I needed, it was someone to help me make sense of all the thoughts (there were A LOT) going through my mind constantly. And, as fate would have it, my coach came into my life through the power of social media. Mindlessly scrolling was, for a change, productive and so I embarked onto an adventure into the unknown territory of working with a life coach. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

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